Pandemicpocalypse: Coping with a New World

Join us on Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 2:00pm Central for a generative workshop with featured poet Crystal Stone.

Pandemicpocalypse: Coping with a New World

Since COVID left us isolated in a way we’d never been, we’ve had to be more creative in finding ways to cultivate emotional intimacy and connection with others now in 2023.

In this workshop, we’ll reconnect and grieve/celebrate/experience this moment in history together, by looking at the past. We’ll explore the history and form of the ghazal, reading a few examples and crafting a group poem that reflects the emotional complexity of our collective experiences since COVID changed the climate of our global literary community. Leave with reflection questions that will help you develop the couplets you made in our workshop into a longer poem.

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Recommended for attendees 16 years and above.


Crystal Stone is author of six collections of poetry including Knock-Off Monarch (2019), All the Places I Wish I Died (2021), Gym Bra (2022), Civic Duty (2022), This is Not a Poem (2023), and White Lies (2024). Her poems have been published in numerous national and international poetry journals including The Threepenny Review, Salamander, poetry Daily and many others. She received her MFA from Iowa State University, where she gave a TEDx talk entitled ‘The Transformative Power of Poetry.’ You can find more of her publications at her website


Photo of the featured reader outlined with a white line and displayed over a light blue background. Beneath the photo are the words “Open Mouth Presents: A Workshop with Crystal Stone.” Availability of sign language interpretation is indicated by the presence of an icon showing two hands signing in the bottom left corner.

Photo: The poet Crystal Stone during her graduate school years in the Iowa prairie. She has dark hair and a wide smile. Behind her is water. Photo by Yve Sojka.

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