We have been working to make our programs more accessible both for this online format and when we are able to have in-person readings and workshops again.

We are taking the step of highlighting access features on Zoom, providing an ASL interpreter for our monthly readings and workshops, as well as collecting and offering visual aid materials. We’ve also completed a course with an accessibility consultant to better understand and apply the principles of universal design. 

We are very excited about the accessibility that online events provide. Because of this format, we are able to reach people who might not otherwise be able to make our events because of everything from distance to immune issues to physical access barriers. Even when we return to an in-person format, we will  follow guidelines put forth by immunocompromised and high-risk people to ensure events are as safe as possible. We now plan to make sure all of our future in-person readings and workshops are in a hybrid format–simultaneously cast online. Workshops will be made available on our Patreon for a small fee, and Readings will be on Patreon for one month and thereafter will be available on YouTube.

Have an idea about how Open Mouth can be more accessible for you? Please contact us below and share your thoughts!