Get Involved

  • Volunteer: We are currently looking for volunteers to caption video recordings from previous readings and workshops, to aid in our accessibility efforts. Text of poems read at the event will be provided (which makes the process much easier), and your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Email us at [email protected] if interested.
  • Read a poem at one of our events: Every Open Mouth reading includes a community round of poets from our community reading either poems they wrote or poems by authors whose work they love. Sign up here to read at a future event. 
  • Become a monthly patron: Nonprofits like us rely on monthly donors for most of our funding, including funding for our reader honoraria and ASL interpreters. Knowing how much money we can count on in future months from our regular supporters is key to our future planning abilities and lets us know what events to plan for. Even small contributions, like $5 a month, add up! All of our monthly Patreon subscribers now have early access to recordings of readings and workshops, so sign up to avoid the wait!