The Open Mouth Residency at Mt. Sequoyah

In 2020, Open Mouth was gifted a year of studio space at Mt. Sequoyah Center to create a residency.

This residency aims to engage writers working independently, without a great deal of institutional support, to foster the Arkansas writing community outside of existing programs.

Each writer accepted into the program will receive one month in the studio—a large corner room on the first floor of Sequoyah Hall with windows on two sides and access to a bathroom shared with one other studio. The studio is equipped with a desk, chair, and a few amenities, including an air purifier.

The center, located at the highest point in Fayetteville, AR in a peaceful community that encourages privacy and interaction with nature. 

This space has moved from the second to the first floor, making it more accessible to people with limited mobility or who require wheelchair access. Photos are available for images of the space, the grounds, and access points.

Applications for the next cycle of Residents are now open! Please fill out this form to apply for cycle 3, February 2022 – July 2022!

Sponsored and Supported by:

Artist Adrienne Callander has supported this residency with Little Sweater Hug, a live-knitting project that took place at The Momentary as part of the community response to their exhibition Nick Cave: Until. The sweaters Callander knitted were sold in The Momentary shop and all proceeds donated to fund this residency.