The poet Brody Parrish Craig performs at an in-person event. They are on a stage with a microphone, and they hold pieces of paper in their hands. They have short brown hair and are wearing an orange jacket.

Building Community through Poetry

Open Mouth Literary Center connects Northwest Arkansas to contemporary poets from across the country.

Upcoming Events

  • A Reading with K. Iver
    Join us for a reading by featured poet K. Iver. The reading will be preceded by a round of introductory readings by community members. UPPORT OUR WORK: Suggested donation of $5 or more. Every donation to Open Mouth Literary Center supports our programming, ASL interpreters, featured poets, and increasing accessibility. The only way we can […]
  • Elegy and Ecstasy: A Workshop on Desire and Contrast with K. Iver
    Join us on Sunday, March 5, 2023 at 2:00pm Central for a generative workshop with featured poet K. Iver. Elegy and Ecstacy: A Workshop on Desire and Contrast Lately I’ve been interested in how queer poets write desire, which is not to be confused with writing sex. Queer poets can uniquely show us how to […]