A Workshop with Czaerra Galicinao Ucol

Join us on Sunday, January 14, 2024 at 2:00pm Central for a generative workshop with featured poet Czaerra Galicinao Ucol.

Workshop description forthcoming!

ACCESS NOTES: The reading will take place virtually via Zoom with Zoom and Otter.ai auto captions. An ASL interpreter will be present. Access copies of poems will be made available via Google Docs. Our Access Statement will be read before we begin.

Recommended for attendees 16 years and above.


Czaerra Galicinao Ucol (they/she) is a queer Filipino writer from Chicago. They are the author of Pisces Urges (Sampaguita Press, 2023), and their poems have appeared in The Offing and beestung. They received their B.A. in Asian/Pacific/American Studies from New York University. They are also the Co-Director of Luya, a Chicago-based grassroots poetry organization centering people of color. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram @czaerra.


Photo of the featured reader outlined with a white line and displayed over a light blue background. Beneath the photo are the words “Open Mouth Presents: Czaerra Galicinao Ucol.” Availability of sign language interpretation is indicated by the presence of an icon showing two hands signing in the bottom left corner.

Photo: The poet Czaerra Galicinao Ucol visible from the shoulders up. They are smiling slightly and looking into the camera. They are wearing a green tank top and copper wire moon-shaped earrings. Photo by Caroline Olsen.


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