A Reading with Zara Jamshed

Join us for a reading by featured poet Zara Jamshed. The reading will be preceded by a round of introductory readings by community members.

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ACCESS NOTES: The reading will take place virtually via Zoom with Zoom and Otter.ai auto captions. An ASL interpreter will be present. Access copies of poems will be made available via Google Docs. Our Access Statement will be read before we begin.

Recommended for attendees 16 years and above.


Zara Jamshed is a queer, trans, disabled Pakistani American poet from NYC living in the East Bay. Their debut full-length poetry collection Neither Created Nor Destroyed was a semifinalist for the Pamet River Prize, a finalist for the Stories Award for Poetry, and is available now with Game Over Books.


Photo of the featured reader outlined with a white line and displayed over a light blue background. Beneath the photo are the words “Open Mouth Presents: Zara Jamshed.” Availability of sign language interpretation is indicated by the presence of an icon showing two hands signing in the bottom left corner.

Photo: A South Asian non-binary person looks at the camera. They have shoulder length wavy black hair and are wearing a white tank top, black glasses and silver chain and pendant.